Student Clubs and Activities

Contact:  Shawn Racignol, (231) 348-2296

A.M.I.M. is a program offering structured morning physical activity with seasons and tournament games in Volleyball, Basketball, and other activities.  It is open to all students beginning in November and running through the end of the school year from 7:40-8:10AM prior to homeroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The only requirements are that you have clean, dry shoes and a great attitude.

Contact:  Karen Mazzoline, (231) 348-2284

The Arts Club meets after school until 5:30PM on Wednesdays from January through March to take part in the joy of creating!  Students may participate in any or all of the three main areas of the arts - Visual, Performing, and Theatre.  While there are activities planned and some skills are taught, the overall theme for this club is to enjoy the artistic process!  We hold an ARTS NIGHT to display what we have learned and experienced for our families and friends.


7th Grade:  Jeremy Stempky, (231) 348-2166
8th Grade:   Larry Tracy

Middle school boys basketball is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders.  Student/Athletes try out for the teams and must have an MHSAA physical on file  and meet eligibility requirements in order to participate.  The season is 12 games and runs from the end of October through December.

Contact:  John Cowan, (231) 348-2245

Boys intramural basketball is an after-school activity held at the Ottawa Elementary gym.  It is for 7th and 8th grade boys who would like to improve their skills as well as those who just want to have fun playing the sport of basketball.  Practices focus on individual and team drills as well as scrimmage-type games.

Contact:  Jason Purcell, (231) 348-2288

7th Grade:  Larry Tracy
8th Grade:  Kirby Tamm

Middle school girls basketball is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders.  Student/Athletes try out for the teams and must have an MHSAA physical on file and meet eligibility requirements in order to participate.  The season is 12 games and runs from January through the beginning of March.

Contact:  Mel Zamarron, (231) 348-2276

IM Girls Basketball is a winter athletic after school program that is held twice a week for five weeks.  This is a non-travel team that focuses on basic skills and drills to help enhance abilities. 

Contact:  Anne Kurburski, (231) 348-2280

Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle schoolers worldwide.  Our club is sponsored by our local Kiwanis organization.  Members learn to work together and develop servant-leaders skills as they serve their school and community.

Contact:  Laurie Lewis, (231) 348-2261

Petoskey Cross Country is competitive running open to all students. Cross-country runners compete in distance races that typically take place on non-paved running paths.  The team will compete in a 2 mile race with other schools both at home and away meets.  No prior running experience is needed. The goal is for each runner to improve individually and have fun while doing it.


6th & 7th Grade:  Kelly Brey, (231) 348-2240
8th Grade:  Jen Hopkins, (231) 348-2259

In dance team students get to pick out a song and choreograph a dance to go along with it, which will be performed at the end of the season.  There is no experience necessary, just a positive attitude and willingness to work with a team.

Contact:  Karen Mazzoline, (231) 348-2284

Every fall, middle school students get to take part in a very fun and educational theatre experience!  Our fall musicals are NO CUT (which means that everyone receives a part).  We rehearse after school until 5:00 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays and perform in November.  We have a stellar team that creates a safe and enriching atmosphere for our budding actors!  The Fall Show has been a "highlight" of many students and we are very happy to provide this opportunity!

Contact:  Jason Purcell, (231) 348-2288

8th Grade:  Kevin Pike
7th Grade:  Todd Mundy

Middle school Football is an interscholastic sport for 7th and 8th graders.  Student/Athletes must have a MHSAA physical on file in order to participate.  Practices begin in late August, games begin in early September, and the season lasts until the middle of October.


Alicia Greenough (348-2213)
Brooke Carlson (348-2397)

Any student is welcome to show kindness throughout the year.  Teachers will nominate kind students who show compassion, empathy, and motivation to be part of this Crew.  The Crew creates projects to acknowledge and spread kindness to everyone.

Any student may attend the Mindful Minute to learn and practice strategies to deal with feelings like stress, anxiety, anger, or fear.  Listen to the morning announcements for meeting times.  This is a drop in activity.

This is an opportunity for 8th grade students who take Industrial Arts classes to extend and expand their project work from class.  In the spring we enter projects in an exhibit and competition.

Contact:  Laurie Lewis, (231) 348-2261

Outdoor Rec Club is for any 6th grader interested in participating in outdoor recreational activities.This club is for those that enjoy outside fun after a long day of school. We go sledding, play games, have scavenger hunts, etc. Having fun outside with others is the primary focus. Outdoor Rec club meets a couple days a week in January and February.

Contact:  Robin Ingalls, (231) 348-2237

Photo Club meets to promote creativity through the joy of photography, share and critique the photographs of peers, educate and improve technical skills, and spread the love of photography throughout the P.M.S. community.


Brian Forster, (231) 348-2436
Lisa Leavy, (231) 348-2256

This is an intramural club that meets once a week after school to give kids an opportunity to learn/play ping pong in a social environment.  We play fast-paced games on several different tables at once.  Ping pong club welcomes players of all ability and experience levels and is open to all PMS students.  

Contact:  Ray Swidorski (231) 348-2247

Physh (PMS Help for Young anglers; Strategies; Hints for fishing) Club supports PMS students who enjoy being outdoors and in touch with nature, through a mutual interest in fishing. The club is free, open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, and generally meets once a month after school. Past activities include: classifying macroinvertebrates from the Bear River, working with Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, visits from Little Traverse Conservancy, fly tying classes with Trout Unlimited, learning and improving casting techniques utilizing fly fishing rods, studying invasive species, discussing strategies and sharing tips for catching different species of fish, organizing and selecting tackle, practicing safety, knot tying, fishing equipment loan programs through the local library, and a 6th-grade Day Camp fishing class at Lime Kiln Pond or the Petoskey Riverfront Park.

Contact:  Colleen Pattullo, (231) 348-2290

Contact:  Laurie Lewis, (231) 348-2261

Running Club is for any middle school student that enjoys running or one who is just getting started with running. The focus is to get outside to run and have fun while doing it. Running club meets a couple of times a week October through December.


Kristen Ketvertis, (231) 348-2257
Elsa Martin, (231) 348-2243

The Petoskey Middle School Science Club will explore the scientific method and the engineering process through a series of hands-on explorations.  The club will culminate with a science fair showcasing student projects.

Contact:  Colleen Pattullo, 

If you want to learn to ski or snowboard this is a great opportunity to learn.  Students are given a huge discount for pass, rental and lesson at Boyne Highlands.  A bus takes students to Boyne Highlands after school for 10 consecutive weeks starting in January.  Students who have a freeride and their own gear are also allowed to take the bus over on Wednesdays.  Parents must pick students up at the Highlands each week by 9 pm at the latest.

Contact:  Jason Purcell, (231) 348-2288

Coach:  Jeff Obeshaw

Middle school Ski Team is an interscholastic sport open to 6th - 8th graders.  Student athletes must have a physical on file and meet academic eligibility requirements.  Practices begin in December (weather permitting) and the season goes through the middle of February.

Contact:  Jeff Brey, (231) 348-2281

This after school club will give you an opportunity to safely condition and strengthen your body using the equipment in the weight room.  This opportunity is for students at any fitness level to improve their core strength by working hard and practicing proper procedures.

Contact:  Heather Giammalva, (231) 348-2270

Student Council is available to all students at the middle school.  In September, we hold homeroom elections where two students are elected in to be the homeroom class representatives.  We have bi-weekly meetings, organize the Halloween dance, have many "Drives" to support our community, distribute locker signs and help daily by saying the pledge over the intercom. 

This program takes middle school students "behind the scenes" to train important skills for producing the Fall Show in the fall and the Elementary Enrichment Play in the spring.  The program features the following areas to learn about what it takes to develop a show:  Set Design, Set Painting, Costumes, Props, Makeup, Backstage, Lighting Crew, and Sound Crew.  Students receive the training and put it into practice during the rehearsal and performance process.


6th Grade: 
Ami Dionne, (231) 348-2249

7th & 8th Grade: 
Rachel Erickson, (231) 348-2246
Laurie Lewis, (231) 348-2261
Mr. Piche, (231) 348-2184


7th Grade:  Brooke Johnacheck
8th Grade:  Katie Rash, (231) 348-2263

The Middle School volleyball team is a group of hard working individuals with a variety of abilities, experiences and backgrounds coming together to play a sport we all love. Middle school is a great time for students to find new passions and volleyball is a great way to stay active, make new friends and to become a team player. We challenge and inspire each other to follow Petoskeys full value agreement. Work as a team. Speak up. And be safe.


Contact:  Dana Pinney, (231) 348-2289

Contact:  Jason Purcell, 231-348-2288

Kevin Cranick
Chris Burnett

Middle school wrestling is an interscholastic sport for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that runs during the winter season.  Student/Athletes must have an MHSAA physical on file and meet eligibility requirements in order to participate.  There are no cuts.  Wrestling is a sport that teaches self-discipline and instills a sense of self-pride, yet we have fun learning the basics of the sport.

Contact:  Molly Werden, (231) 348-2254

Yearbook club is an opportunity for students to represent their school! Our middle school yearbook is completely student created. Students take photos, create layouts and help sell the yearbook.


Tracy Deering, (231) 348-2251
Molly Werden, (231) 348-2254

YIG is a state YMCA student run program. Students act as Michigan state representatives and senators as they draft bills and work to pass them through the legislature. During a conference in Lansing students debate their bills in committees and in the chambers with students from all over the state. Students use the core values of the YMCA - respect, responsibility, caring and honesty to learn about how the Michigan government works and to learn to become active and informed citizens.