Seventh Grade Exploratory Classes

Each course is offered for a marking period, with the exception of Band and PE.

Academic Lab (teacher recommendation required)

Academic Lab offers a smaller group setting designed for students with a desire to work toward personal academic success. The class is staffed by both a teacher and an academic aide who assist students with classwork, organization, and studying for tests.  The purpose of ac lab is two-fold: to provide not only academic support, but also remediation in math and/or reading.  Ac Lab is a privilege; therefore students who enroll must be on-task, willing to accept help, and committed to completing work at home as well as during the ac lab hour.


Seventh grade art class offers a more rigorous curriculum through which students will continue the study of 2D and 3D art while incorporating the elements and principles of design into their work.  They will continue learning about the artistic process, which will offer them a chance to brainstorm, problem solve, and explore their own ideas and artistic styles.  Students will have the opportunity for free choice exploration every Friday where all of the artistic decisions for a project are left up to each individual student.  

Band (year-long course)

Students continue to build their knowledge and practice to improve their technique, skill, and performance.  Seventh grade students participate in a winter concert, a band festival performance, a spring concert, and the BandAid concert at NCMC.

Computer Skills

Students continue practicing keyboarding speed and accuracy and working toward becoming more comfortable with Microsoft programs such and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  In this project-based class, students also work with Photoshop and learn programing skills.

Full Value Seminar

This class focuses on collaboration, helping students embody the full value agreement, and be willing to help and be helped.  This class incorporates adventure education activities, stem/steam projects, and a mini drone unit at the end of the marking period.  Students are continuously asked to work together and “redesign” projects and activities to show improvement and success.

History and Exploration of the Arts

Students will explore the arts as they are expressed in various cultures and societies across time. In this class, students will examine and analyze literature, visual arts, and music genres and theories.

Industrial Arts

This hands-on class meets in the shop room, where students continue to build their knowledge of the basics of working with various tools to process materials and create projects.

Life Skills

In 7th grade, students continue to learn and build upon the fundamentals of both cooking and sewing.  The marking period is divided between first studying nutrition, learning new recipes, and practicing cooking technique, and then learning about sewing and creating individual projects.

Physical Education (semester course)

In seventh grade, PE covers units in softball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey.  Each unit teaches the fundamentals, skills, strategy, and rules of each sport.  There is “regular season play” followed by “tournament play,” which is tailored to each unit—World Series, World Cup, Volleyball Tournament, and Stanley Cup.  Students are assessed for each unit on a combination of physical skills and written tests.