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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Petoskey Education Foundation is to raise funds to help students and support programs and/or facility improvements in the Public Schools of Petoskey that the district is unable to achieve through other means.

The Petoskey Education Foundation is a diverse group of donors, volunteers, staff members, administrators, alumni, parents, and community members who are united in our desire to enrich the lives of our students.

Founded in 1989, the foundation is governed by eleven passionate trustees who match the resources provided by the community with the unmet opportunities in the Public Schools of Petoskey.

As trustees, we believe our students are worthy of investment—the investment of our time, our resources, our love.

We acknowledge that there are opportunities for our students that lie beyond what the Public Schools of Petoskey can achieve through traditional funding. 

And we know that there are like-minded people who believe the same and want to impact our students’ lives for their future and for the future of our wonderful community.


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Dear Friends,

The Petoskey Education Foundation (PEF) was established in 1989 to raise funds in a perpetuating manner so that special help could be provided to students attending the Public Schools of Petoskey; this includes scholarships, programs and facility improvements which the school district could not otherwise afford.  During the 2019-2020 school year, 

  • 12 scholarships (totaling over $20,000) were awarded to elementary, middle school, and high school students.  
  • In addition, over $13,000 was awarded to students and faculty for mini-grants.  

The board of trustees would like to thank those people, organizations and businesses that have helped in any way to make the work of PEF successful.  Good schools and prosperous communities result from the cooperative efforts of people working together!  We look forward to greater success in the future as others learn of our endeavors.  By working for the benefit of our community’s youth, we invest in their future—and ours!  Thank you for your kindness and support.

Your Board of Trustees
Petoskey Education Foundation


Board of Trustees

(in alphabetical order): 

  • Mark Ashley, First Vice President, Public Schools of Petoskey Board of Education
  • Nikki Devitt
  • Jim Kan, Chairman 
  • Laura Lamp
  • Dr. Jeff Leslie, Superintendent
  • Mary Ling
  • Melanie Meengs
  • Mona O'Neil, Treasurer
  • Jill Porter-Marsh
  • Jessica Shaw-Nolff
  • Becky Smith, Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Bob Waldvogel