PowerSchool Parent and Student Help

We are adopting new procedures for account creation, username and password recovery and add students to a current account, so please check over the following information and select the option best suits your needs!

High School Parents:

New PowerSchool Account Needed: If you have never had a parent PowerSchool account or you are adding a student to your current account, please use this form to give us your information. As soon as we create your account or make the update, an email will be sent with the information needed for you to access PowerSchool.

Add child, username, or password reset: If you need to add a child to your current power school account, recover your username, or reset your password, please fill out this form

High School Students:

New Student: If you are a new student to Public Schools of Petoskey, please fill out this form. We will call you with your account information.

If you are a student that needs their username or password reset, please fill out this form and we will email you or call you as soon as we have accessed your account information!

Middle School Parents

Please fill out this form if you have never had a PowerSchool Parent account at Public Schools of Petoskey or if you need to add a student to your current parent account.