Board of Education

Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education meetings are traditionally held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Spitler Administration Building's Board Room, 1130 Howard Street, Petoskey.  To accommodate for social distancing amid the COVID pandemic, the Board meeting has moved to the high school auditorium for their regular meetings. Please see agenda or below for current location.  Call 231-348-2100 with questions.

May Regular BOE meeting location:  High School Auditorium

Participation by the audience is welcomed and encouraged.  Please note that this time is for Board members to listen to public comment, not to respond to comments. Two opportunities for public comment are provided at each Board meeting.  When participating in public comment, members of the audience are to identify themselves by name and address so that accurate minutes can be recorded.  Unless permission is previously received from the Board of Education, comments are to be limited to three (3) minutes per person.  For those people who prefer not to speak at the Board meeting yet want their question(s) or comment(s) conveyed to Board members, a (green) "Memo to the Board" form is provided in the basket near the entrance of the meeting room.  Please note that public comment time and the "Memo to the Board" are provided to allow Board members to listen to public comment, not respond to comments or concerns.

Board of Education Function

Public Schools of Petoskey's Board of Education is comprised of five community members who have each been elected to a four-year term.  The primary function of the Board of Education is to oversee the education of people in our community. The Board is responsible for establishing and implementing all district policies and procedures required to maintain an excellent educational program for all students in a safe, secure learning environment. These policies and procedures guide the Superintendent and staff in their daily duties.

Special Accommodations

Any person with a disability who needs accommodations for participation in a meeting should contact 231-348-2100 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Agendas / Minutes

11/02/20 Board Work Session: Agenda

12/07/20 Board Work Session: Agenda

01/11/21 Board Work Session:  Agenda

02/01/21 Board Work Session:  Agenda

03/01/21 Board Work Session:  Agenda

04/09/21 Board Work Session:  Agenda

04/12/21 Board Work Session:  Canceled

05/03/21 Board Work Session:  Canceled

05/07/21 Board Work Session: Agenda

04/14/21 Board Work Session: Agenda

06/04/21 Board Work Session:  Agenda

06/07/21 Board Work Session:  Canceled

07/22/21 Board Work Session: Agenda

08/06/21 Board Work Session: Canceled

08/09/21 Board Work Session: Agenda

12/01/21 Board Work Session Agenda

12/10/21 Board Work Session Agenda

12/15/21 Board Work Session Agenda

12/20/21 Board Work Session Agenda

01/10/22 Board Work Session Agenda

01/28/22 Board Work Session Agenda

02/04/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

02/23/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

03/22/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

04/06/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

04/08/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

04/08/22  Mike Washburn Report

04/15/22 Special Meeting Closed Session Agenda

05/05/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

05/13/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

05/26/22 Special Board Meeting Agenda

Physical Board Meeting Minutes are located and available for inspection at The Office of the Superintendent.