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Parent Access Codes

At some point during the school year, you will receive a Parent Access Code from your child's instructor. This code is unique to your child and is the key to being able to login to your Parent account in Schoology and see an "observer" view of what your child's teacher has added to their Schoology page.

Here are directions for creating your parent account with Schoology using the parent access code.

Multiple Children

If you have multiple children in the district, you will receive a separate Parent Access Code for each child. Once you have created your Parent Schoology account with one of your children, now you will need to "Add a Child" to your Parent Schoology account. It is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer for this procedure, or you can use your mobile device's browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) as well as the app.

Here are the directions if you are using the App to add additional children to your Parent Schoology account.

Here are directions if you are using a desktop or laptop computer or your mobile device's browser to add additional children to your Parent Schoology account.

Delete an Old Parent Account

When attempting to setup your parent Schoology account, some situations arise such as a previous account from previous years, either from another school district or from a teacher or group. If it is an account created by a teacher or group, it is most likely a basic account and you will be able to delete it to start fresh.

Here are directions for deleting your old Schoology Parent account.

If the above directions do not work, it is likely that your have an enterprise account. In that case, you'll need to contact the administrator of that account (Typically, contact information is proved in the "Support" button, at the bottom of the site, while logged into the account.)

Staff Member and Parent

Q: I am a staff member of the Public Schools of Petoskey and I also have children that attend here as well. How can I easily manage my Parent Schoology account and my Staff Schoology account?

A: You will need to create a Parent Schoology account with the directions described above with a personal email address. Then you will link your Staff Schoology account with your Parent Schoology account to make toggling between the accounts more manageable.

Here are the directions for linking your Parent Schoology account with your Staff Schoology account.

Q: Can I use the Schoology App to toggle between my Staff and Parent Schoology accounts?

A: Currently, no. To use the App, you will need to sign out of one account and login to the other in order to use the Schoology App for both. However, you can sign in to your mobile device's browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) and login that way. It is not the most pleasant user experience, but it is possible. Then you would be able to toggle between accounts.


More Schoology Parent Resources

Schoology Home Page: Your Parent account compared to your child's Schoology information

When managing your Parent Schoology account, you will be toggling between your Parent account and your "child activity view" account. *Initially, when you login to your Parent Schoology account you won't see much because you are viewing your Parent account. You'll need to toggle to your child's activity view in order to see your child's activity.

Here are directions and other information about your Parent Schoology account and Student Activity view account.

*If you would like to change your account so that your first view is your Child Activity view, click the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner, click settings. You will be able to "Set Default Account" to "Child's Activity".

Schoology Notifications

Schoology offers many options for notifications. You can receive email, text, and/or push notifications about all sorts of Schoology happenings from your child's teacher and school.

Here are directions for how to manage your Schoology notifications.

Parent Schoology Account: Settings Options

You are able to edit your own information on your Parent Schoology account such as your display name, your primary and alternate email address, your default account view, etc.

Here are the directions for accessing your account settings in your Parent Schoology account.

Parent Guide

If you have other questions or would like to browse your Parent Schoology account options in depth, you can browse this Parent Guide which also houses a link to a Parents Forum.