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Michigan Academic Standards

Michigan Academic Standards outline learning expectations for Michigan's students. These standards do not dictate specific instructional resources, instead require that a wide variety of print material and media be used to adequately teach the skills outlined in the standards. A guaranteed and viable curriculum consists of common standards, common pacing, and common assessments. In some courses, particularly those using board-adopted textbooks, a majority of the materials used will be common between teachers teaching the same course. While maintaining common pacing, teachers have the autonomy to add print and media throughout the course as they see a need to support students' understanding of content. Parents are welcome and encouraged to talk to individual teachers about the materials being used in a course in which their child is enrolled.

MDE M-Step Information

M-Step - A Parent's Guide
M-Step - List of Important Dates
M-Step - List of Important Dates for 8th Grade

NWEA - Family Toolkit
NWEA - Parent Guide to MAP Growth

NWEA - Teacher Session Setup and Troubleshooting (Elementary)

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