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The Public Schools of Petoskey have developed a literacy coaching model that brings together teachers, administrators, parents, the Char-Em ISD, and the Petoskey District Library to help our students find reading enjoyment and success.  Though the delivery model may shift and change over time, the PEF remains committed to providing the teachers, administrators, and students of the Public Schools of Petoskey with the materials and resources they need available to them to help all students achieve at a high level.

Children Reading

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Full Value Agreement:

A safe, nurturing school culture is critical to the success of our students.  That’s why the PEF supports the “character education” platform led by Camp Daggett called the Full Value Agreement.  Everyone in the school system is urged to Be Safe (emotionally and physically), Speak Up, and Work as a Team.

The Full Value Agreement is a useful tool to stimulate learning and help individuals and groups achieve their goals while participating in a shared experience.  When working in groups, it is beneficial to have members agree to certain guidelines; an agreement under which people can operate and return to in case of problems or obstacles.  When used periodically as a check-in, the Full Value Agreement can be a very effective way to evaluate behavior and progress, as individuals and a group.

The Full Value Agreement asks for the following commitments:

Work as Team

An agreement among the group members to work together toward achieving individual and group goals which have been developed and discussed within the group.

Be Safe (Physically & Emotionally)

An agreement to follow established rules and expectations for safety – physical and emotional. It is important that the group members help in developing these rules.

Speak Up

An agreement to give and receive honest feedback. Group members must be willing to speak up when something isn’t going well and make changes in their own behaviors and the behaviors of the group when needed.

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