So what is Eat Learn Live?

Eat: Chartwells serves more than two and a half million students every day. We know students want tasty and popular foods in the cafeteria. Parents want healthy, nutritious meals. We provide:

  • High quality, great tasting and nutritious meals that appeal to each age group
  • A variety of recipes and menus that are appetizing and affordable
  • A nationwide network of expert chefs and registered dietitians that ensure quality and nutrition meeting or exceeding USDA standards

Learn: In order to make good decisions about the foods they eat, Students need two things: healthy options and the insight to choose wisely. We go beyond the cafeteria and support nutrition education in the classroom, setting the stage for a lifetime of smart dining decisions that will help your Students live long, healthier lives.

  • Nutrition education programs for all age levels which provide health and wellness lessons in an easy, fun and memorable way
  • Classroom materials developed by our team of Registered Dietitians to support health fairs, educational activities and food demonstrations
  • Associate wellness education programs on child nutrition, allergy awareness, safety and sanitation, and culinary skills

Live: From humanitarian causes to responsible environmental stewardship, we work earnestly to build tighter relationships in our communities and with the world around us. Chartwells encourages students to live responsible, healthy, active lifestyles, and extend what they learn at school into their homes and communities by providing:

  • E-newsletters and online communities providing Student and Parental information and support to promote sustainability and good nutrition for the entire family
  • Opportunities for Students and Associates to give back to the communities we serve
  • A commitment to working with professional associations that are dedicated to finding solutions to the childhood obesity crisis, promoting child nutrition and social responsibility

Eat.Learn.Live - receive the most up to date information regarding the knowledge that will benefit your child and encourage health and wellness in your community. By selecting K-12 Schools you are able to sign up to receive the Nutrition Newsletters by email.